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Tony Tapia

Scott Vedder

Scott Vedder & Tony Tapia


This fun-filled tale is dedicated to Tony's little one, Andrew Tapia. It all started as a simple family tradition - telling Christmas stories to one another. As Andrew grew older, his vivid imagination and quirky approach began to create wonderfully wacky stories filled with Santa Claus, samurai, dinosaurs and sometimes even space invaders - all enchanted with Christmas magic.


We're pleased to share with you a legend filled with adventure, imagination and lots of Christmas magic. We hope this book inspires your family to share your own Crazy Coconut Christmas Chronicles with each other all year long.


Scott Vedder is Fortune 100 recruiter and the #1 best-selling author of Signs of a Great Résumé: How to Write a Résumé that Speaks for Itself. Tony Tapia is an attorney and a proud parent.  Andrew is an inspiration to the whole family.


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 Kenny Durkin - Illustrator


Kenny Durkin is an experienced caricature artist, talented freelancer and seasoned dad. He calls Wisconsin home and he calls his home "busy!" A father of three with one on the way, Kenny married the love of his life and has enjoyed this amazing journey. Kenny dedicates his heart and his work to Andi, Alex, Kathy, Jett and new baby Oliver!


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